Seed Trials

Outdoor focused trials

We are preparing for the future of cannabis in Australia and internationally, outdoor growing. Poppies (Morphine, Codeine and Thebaine) are grown outdoors in Tasmania currently. Hemp crops containing CBD are grown outdoors for food. We believe that over time, as companies focus on API development, then outdoor is the only cost effective option available. To grow at scale, cultivators will need feminized F1 hybrid seed.

We have executives, plant scientists and breeders from wheat, cotton and vegetables that have produced and sold seed in the hundreds of millions and licensed and sold these around the world. Our focus, is on breeding outdoor genetics that can produce high yield and be grown throughout the year (depending on location) or as a rotational crop.


Crop trials

Cymra is currently planning crop trials across various bio zones in Australia to test our genetics across locations, weather, fertilizers, IPM. We are seeking experienced farmers in broad acre cropping who would like to experiment with cannabis. Contact us if you want to participate.