Research Focus

Research Focus



  • Observational Study for over 300 patients (July 2020)
  • Dose Finding study (October 2020)
  • Phase IIB clinical trial (planned 2021)
  • Double blind placebo controlled study
  • 60 patients per groupa
  • Chronic Pain Group


  • Setup unique desktop extraction units to run R&D trials on hemp and cannabis 
  • Focus on understanding flower yield of extraction for more volatile and less prominent cannabis compounds that Cymra is focused on for pain, inflammation, sleep and anxiety.


  • 6 compounds, including terpenoids, flavonoids and cannabolic acids found in cannabis are to be studied in synergy using various combinations.
  • Initial focus on cell culture inflammation models to understand amounts per compound required for highest efficacy.
  • Assessing “entourage effect”


  • We have completed our first crosses in our greenhouse
  • SCU have imported a collection of plants from a gene bank in Germany known as IPK.
  • SCU will grow the lines out undertake tests of 48 varieties to establish cannabinoid content, terpene, flavinoid and acid composition.
  • This project will give Cymra a diverse set of genetics and understanding of those genetics to start targeted crossings

Tissue Culture

  • The development of protocols to initiate, micro propagate and maintain cannabis in Tissue Culture
  • Establishment of callus and shoot regeneration (pre cursor work to gene editing/advanced breeding)
  • Establishment of transformation protocols (pre cursor work to gene editing/advanced breeding)